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We offer a great amount of free professional content. A few selected premium Concerts & Masterclasses are available for a purchase. You can either select the full yearly subscription to unlock everything or you can buy a single entry ticket to our Digital Concert Hall which unlocks a selected single video.


We have a highly efficient earnings distribution system to pay out to our creators. By making a purchase, you are directly supporting the highly talented musicians.

All of our videos and podcast can be watched on all available devices. (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Televisions)

You can cancel your membership at any given time. This can be done directly in your personal profile on quaver-concerthall.com

No, Premium content can only be seen after purchasing it. Please note that creating valuable masterclasses and  professional concerts require a lot of hard work and dedication. Therefore we can’t offer those for free. 

You can pay for your subscription or single purchase by PayPal or by Credit Card! Simple and Fast 

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